How and Why We Invented Speakerphone-Camera

By The NUROUM Team November 12, 2022

Audio is not enough, it's video era!

The importance of video conferencing with camera on has been largely accepted by enterprise world in the past five years as Zoom went IPO in 2019. The reason why you need to have a camera on is quite obvious. I am a startup founder and I have found video conferencing helps me so much in every aspect of my daily life, such as:

  • Employers could see the facial expressions of interview candidates and see how he or she responded to the interviews to make better hiring decisions;
  • Investors could talk with entrepreneurs to see if there are potential investment opportunities. By having a camera on, entrepreneurs could adjust to the investors by looking at facial expressions and investors could see if entrepreneurs are honest or not;
  • I talk with new suppliers over video conferencing to see if the supplier is trustworthy or not. I don't really do business with weird people;
  • I would usually have OKR meeting with my department manager to see how he or she is doing and if he or she is stressing out or needing help;

Video is so important in the enterprise world and yet the video experience is quite broken.

Old dog in the field - speakerphone

Old dog such as Polycom was born like 20 years ago in the audio/SIP phone era. At that time, the internet speed and scalable video has not been invented. There is no way to do reliable video conferencing in the past. As a result, the major devices available do not contain a camera simply because no one is using video conferencing. The most popular device available has been Jabra Speakerphone 510 in Fig. 1. Now you can see that there is a software-hardware mis-match: Customer need to have a camera plus speakerphone. So we stepped in and invented a new species called Speakerphone Camera;


Fig. 1 Jabra Speakerphone 510

How we Invented Speakerphone-Camera

We looked at two scenarios:

  1. Personal Video Conference;
  2. Group Video Conference;

Personal Video Conference

Scenario defination: you are working from a home office and you have a couple of meetings every day. [Need a Pic]

Personal Video Conference

In this case, you could use a laptop or desktop computer. Desktop computers don't really have cameras and you have to buy a webcam. However, webcam suffers from echo issues because webcam doesn't have a speaker in it. If you use laptop computer, laptop computers are nowadays getting thinner and thinner and it doesn't really fit in a nice camera in it. I will list some of the issues laptop and even Macbook faces:

  1. Crappy or broken laptop speaker

  2. Bad or broken camera to make myself looking like a crap

Bad or broken camera to make myself looking like a crap

  1. Bad microphone
  2. Bad Echo

Group Video Conference

Scenario definition: You run daily meetings in a small meeting room and we have other people joining through video conferencing. [Need a Pic]

Group Video Conference

  1. Angle not wide enough to cover everyone
  2. Audio fades out after 9 feet
  3. Noise is annoying

C20 is invented to solve Group Video Conference scenarios with all 3 points considered.


Nuroum C20 was launched on Amazon in 2021 and it has been the best selling webcam with speaker on amazon now.