Hybrid Meeting from Your Desk doesn't have to be Noisy.

Nuroum leverages deep learning to mute your background noise during the conversation, ensuring ProperClean and accessible communication.

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Clean Hybrid Meeting to Help Your Team Focus

Nuroum leverages deep learning for noise reduction, enabling your team to receive a crystal clear call, even if the team gathers at one of the crowded working desks in a narrow office. The conversation would not be disturbed by the rapid ringing of the bell, the crisply typing keyboard, the annoying buzz of the air conditioner, or your colleagues' business calls.

Always like a Pro

Always look great with NUROUM's intelligent exposure control and automatic low-light correction features. NUROUM does not compomise and devices made by NUROUM are proudly equipped with premium crafted lens with phenomenal clarity by presenting vivid colors and peerless images

Long Day at Work but Comfort Cover Your Ear

Nuroum features lightweight design to relieve your on-head pressure. Super soft, leather-like ear-cups and an adjustable padded headband grant unparalleled comfort. After a long day at work, complicated questions arise every minute, which tortures you a lot. Heavy headset will be make things even worse. Thererfor, NUROUM takes care of it and released a fine and lightweight headset.

Strong Compatibility, Plug and Play

Nuroum versatile business grade USB headset is compatible with popular video conferencing apps including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Google Meet and etc. Driver free, you can just plug it into your device to connect with your team from different locations.