Great Value for Professional Quality Conference Meeting

NUROUM empowers your team with audio AI and optical PTZ to hear and see clearly for professional quality meeting with budget price.

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Full Duplex Meeting at Budget Price

NUROUM facilitates hybrid meetings by providing a cost-effective solution for your conference room. The full duplex enabling your team to share ideas, insights, and knowledge with efficiency and equality.

Optical PTZ for Crystal Clear Imaging

Featured with an ultra-wide angle lens and PTZ function, Nuroum PTZ Conference camera got your full team covered. Equipped with ProperZoom Technology, smooth tracking with 5X zoom capability can be achieved automatically, which will free the attendees from desk to move around without worrying they can't be seen.

Daisy Chain for Even Larger Audience.

Small or big, the Daisy Chain technology will make sure that every corner of the conference room will be heard clearly. Your team do not need to worry about their voices being dropped.

Bluetooth for Easier Connection

Mobile phone or laptop, your team could join the meeting with their choice of tools. Bluetooth could also be used to cut the line between your desk and the TV table.