Working from Home without Disturb.

NUROUM takes care of your WFH meetings to block off dog barking and baby crying for less mess and more confidence.

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Take a Seat

NUROUM gives you the freedom for open call without having to wear a headphone for less pressure and more relax.

Always Like a Pro

Always look great with NUROUM's intelligent exposure control and automatic low-light correction features. NUROUM does not compomise and devices made by NUROUM are proudly equipped with premium crafted lens with phenomenal clarity by presenting vivid colors and peerless images

Noise Free Hybrid Meeting

An increasing number of people work from home a couple of days per week with lots of meetings during the day. Nuroum isolates you from the busy background noise and guarantees a quality meeting experience by muting the ambient noises from dogs, kids or your partner in the house.

Look Right Into the Eye.

Nuroum webcam makes your team feel connected rather than isolated, the premium lens enabling the team members to participate and contribute easily and equally. Trust is easily built through a hybrid meeting through good, clear communication.