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Nuroum V11 2K video conference webcam
hybrid collaboration
customer review
2K video conference camera
directional sound pickup to keep away from noise disturbance
built in privacy cover
2 MEMS microphone with noise suppression
Nuroum V11 2K video conference webcam
hybrid collaboration
customer review
2K video conference camera
directional sound pickup to keep away from noise disturbance
built in privacy cover
2 MEMS microphone with noise suppression

Nuroum V11 2K AI-Powered Business Webcam

ハイブリッド コラボレーションやライブ ストリーミングに最適なデュアル マイク付き 2K ビジネス ウェブカメラ

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· 2K+WDR により、安定したウルトラ HD の鮮明度が実現します。

· エリア集音技術によりエリア外からの音を遮断します。

· プライバシー保護設計でさらに安心。

· 簡単セットアップで作業効率が向上させます。

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あらゆる複雑なディテールを捉える 2K HD 解像度を体験してください。また、自動ホワイト バランスにより、暗い場所や直射日光などの照明条件に関係なく、最高の状態で表示されます。 最大 60 fps の優れたフレーム レートを誇る、シームレスでスムーズなビデオ録画をお楽しみください。


Immerse yourself in seamlessly clear and natural conversations with the Nuroum 2K Pro Video Conference Webcam. Elevate your collaboration experience with its cutting-edge AI noise-canceling technology, which efficiently eliminates distracting background noises, ensuring focused and crystal-clear communication.

下のボタンをクリックして、ProperClean® によってもたらされる効果をご体験してください。



あらゆる種類のオペレーティング システムおよび会議プラットフォームと互換性があります

あらゆる種類のオペレーティング システムおよび会議プラットフォームと互換性があります


リモートワーク向けに構築された高解像度 1080p Web カメラ V11 が登場し、一般的なラップトップのセットアップを上回る優れたビデオとオーディオ品質を提供します。 プロレベルのビデオ コラボレーション エクスペリエンスにアップグレードしてください。


NUROUM V11 会議 Web カメラは 2K@30fps または 1080P@60fps をサポートし、高解像度のカラーで詳細をキャプチャし、ビデオをより滑らかにします。
Expansive 90° Field of View.


広大な 90° の広い視野で自由を満喫し、より大きく広々とした環境を撮影するのに最適です。
Precision in Design


4MP HD イメージ センサーを搭載した V11 会議 Web カメラは、個人または最大 4 人の小規模チームに最適です。私たちのコミットメントは、究極の会議体験を提供することです。
Look Great In Any Light


低照度でも直射日光でも、ワイド ダイナミック レンジ (WDR) テクノロジーを備えた V11 会議 Web カメラは、最も重要な被写体であるあなたを強調するように調整します。
Privacy for Web Security


内蔵のプライバシー カバーと LED がカメラのリアルタイムの動作ステータスを表示するため、プライバシーは常に管理下にあります
Device Upgrade And Customize Your Meeting

Device Upgrade And Customize Your Meeting

Use the exclusive NearSync to customize image parameters, or adjust the features of the image, etc. You can also upgrade the firmware to improve the device and let it get smarter. Also, control room features for the best meeting experience remotely.



NUROUM V11 Technical Specifications

Camera features
· F2.2 Aperture· Sensor: 1/2.9 inch, CMOS,· 3.0MM FIXED-FOCUS· FOV:90°
Audio Characteristics
· Maximum Background Noise Suppression:15dB· Area sound pickup range:-60°~60°
Video Characteristics
· Non-Distortion Lens· Anti-Flickering supported· Automatic White Balance and Exposure supported· 3D noise suppression supported· QHD (1440P)· Aspect Ratio: 16:9· Support UVC protocol version 1.1/1.5· YUV: max to 360P@30fpsMJPEG: max to 1440P@30fps or 1080P@60fps
Physical Characteristics
· Height: 55mm ( 2.2 inches)· Width: 50mm ( 1.9 inches)· Depth: 100mm ( 3.9 inches)· Net weight: 130g· Gross weight: 180g· Color: Classic black· Installation: clip on the screen/on the tripod/on the surface
Microphone features
· Microphone type:2-element MEMS microphone· Sensitivity:-26dBFS 94dB SPL@1kHz· SNR:65dBA 94dB SPL@1kHz, A-weighted· Effective pickup distance: 3m
Power and Connectivity
· External power supply: USB 5V/0.5A· Compatible operating systems: Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome OS· USB2.0 Type-A


1 V11*1
2 User manual*1
3 Warranty card*1


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Why Our Customers Love NUROUM

  • Great camera quality for the price!

    First off, the camera quality is really good for the price, honestly unbeatable for it’s range. Filters can be added on to the camera to make it look really good to make up for the dull colors. It has a built in privacy camera slide, so when you’re not using it, make sure to close the camera!



  • Perfect Webcam

    This Webcam is amazing. I bought it on sale and I'm extremely happy with it. The range of motion is great. It basically sits on a balk mount so you can angle it up or down and left or right. The privacy shade is also a really nice feature. When it comes to the microphone, it records voices clearly and they're easy to understand. Video quality is great. Much better than my 720 built in camera. Worth every penny



  • Simply plug it in and go

    The instructions were on the simple side. I use my MacBook Pro with external monitors and the lid down. The built-in camera and microphone don't work when the laptop's lid is down, hence the need for this webcam. Just as the instructions said, I simply had to plug it in. It was automatically recognized, and when I pulled up the Zoom client (app), I was able to select it as the sound and video source. It adjusts to sit at the top of any monitor. You just plug it in and go. It's as easy to transfer to another computer as a wired mouse. Recommended.


    A. D. Lum

  • Good webcam!

    The webcam is surprisingly good. I bought this because my MacBook’s fan runs like crazy when Zooming and my colleague always complain about it because the built-in microphone will gather the fan noise. After switching to the webcam, my colleague told me they don’t hear the noise anymore.



  • Webcam, 60 frames per second

    I teach English as a second language, so I need a high-resolution camera for students to see me pronounce words. The first few times I opened this camera, students commented on the enhanced quality of my video feed; I did not prompt them for a comment. The webcam is less than half the competitor's price and, after two months of daily use, is performing well.


    Stock Guru

  • Just plug and play

    Super easy to install just simply attach to your monitor and plug it in to the computer and that’s it! I love the feature of being able to slide the cover over the lens when not in use. Has made my business web calls that much better! If you are needing a web cam with microphone this is the best bang for your buck!


    Christi Trahan

  • Decent Web Cam

    I thought that it would be a very cheap feeling unit as far as the camera mount and the unit itself. It actually feels very well built and the crisp adjustability of the camera angle on top of my monitor is really nice, not wonky like many much more expensive models I've tried. I've been using it on Google meet and Zoom calls with no issues at all.


    Dan Trdge