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Unlock Access to Care, Elevate Patient Experiences, and Drive Positive Outcomes with NUROUM Video Collaboration Solutions.

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Put patients' care first with NUROUM. Whether you're a patient looking for immediate medical attention or a caregiver trying to manage multiple cases at once, NUROUM provides reliable solutions that ensure better health outcomes. Get the audio and visual equipment you need at an affordable price.

For Patient Care

NUROUM enables care providers to engage with their patients remotely without compromising on quality or accuracy of care. Its advanced features allow physicians and nurses to conduct virtual consultations, monitor vital signs, administer medications as required and keep track of patient history - all from the comfort of their homes or offices. Patients can also benefit from this innovative platform by easily accessing medical advice from anywhere using any device that has internet connectivity.

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Increase access to remote care for patients and caregivers, enabling them to stay in their own homes for longer.

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Upgrade your medical system with an easy-to-install, low-cost solution that offers high-definition video and audio equipment.

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Permanently solve your camera needs by selecting a PTZ camera with optical zoom capabilities for medical procedures and lab reports and more.

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Enhance patient and clinician experiences with clear, high-quality audio.

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For Seminars & Training

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High-quality video conferencing cameras allow healthcare professionals to conduct live surgical presentations, specialist training sessions, and interactive discussions with remote participants. This enables real-time communication, facilitates question-and-answer sessions, and provides an immersive learning experience. Daisy Chained connection with V403 supports broader audio coverage up to 16 people, allowing more participants for more scenarios.

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2 daisy chained A15 speakerphones deliver crystal-clear audio, empowering accurate diagnosis and efficient solution discussion between multi-party physicians without missing any speech that matters.

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NUROUM Software

Manage your devices from anywhere and make updates easy. Securely deploy software, manage settings, and ensure devices are up to date with the latest features.

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