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Free Noise Cancelling APP for Meeting Freedom

Utilizing deep learning noise cancellation technology to improve the effectiveness and confidence of your online communication.

Communicate effectively and confidently in hybrid meetings

Use Nuroum ProperClean technology to eliminate background voices, noise, and echo in hybrid meetings, enable you to speak with confidence.


Try out the magic of NUROUM ProperClean Technology

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Try different noise types

Barking dog

Barking dog

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Crying baby

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Air conditioner noise

Background Noise Removal for meeting freedom

Filter out all background noises for noise free meeting experiences

NUROUM's ProperClean technology originates from years of audio deep learning technology. NUROUM originally developed this technology to ensure better hardware experiences. Now, we democratize this technology to people who did not buy hardware from us to power them with meeting freedom without noise distractions.


Bi-Directional Noise Cancelling

Removing your background noises from both sides of the meetings.

Business meetings can be exhausting. With Nearify, you can have better experiences without being constantly distracted by noises to be less exhausted.

Equipped with deep-learning noise cancellation technology, a completely immersive hybrid meeting experience is created by enabling you always sound professional without noise, muffling or interruption.


Work perfectly in any situations



Nearify is perfect for any headset, microphone or speakers on Mac and Windows desktop and laptop devices.


HD Audio

When it comes to eliminating distracting background noise, HD-supported devices can potentially help by incorporating noise-canceling technology. Nearify has an adaptive noise cancellation function, which can automatically adjust the noisecancellation level according to the actual situation, effectively reducing the interference of external noise, and better capturing people's voices.