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V403 PTZ Conference Webcam with Remote Control, PTZ camera, 1080P@30fps Full HD, AI-powered Tracking, USB plug-and-play, 122° view angle; Pan ±175° and Tilt Function, 5x Lossless zoom, High Resolution Images, Auto Focus, Auto Framing, 4 Preset Positions, Privacy protection, Designed for desktop laying / tripod / TV stand / wall bracket

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Best Choice for Hybrid Meetings and Personal Creations

Whether you're a freelance content creator, a teacher, or a mixed team, NUROUM V403 PTZ camera gives you the freedom and confidence to create your content. Nuroum V403 webcam features an advanced wide-angle optical lens with 5x zoom capability. Compared with digital zoom cameras, V403 picture quality is lossless and ultra-sharp at 5x optical zoom. Maintain a high level of performance in presentations or meetings.

122° ultra-wide angle, Smart Tracking mode,

Ultra Premium Lens Got Your Team Covered and Protect Your Privacy

V403 PTZ camera has a 122° ultra-wide-angle lens, which can be turned ±175° horizontally to cover the entire conference room. When video is disabled on the UC software, the camera lens automatically rotates from its original position to the rear, ensuring organizations's security.

AI-Powered tracking with Auto Framing & Auto Focus

Deep Learning-based accurate human recognition is used to track the speaker. The speaker will be locked once showing up in the picture and no matter where the speaker goes, Nuroum V403 PTZ camera will always follow quickly, smoothly and precisely. Equipped with 2MP Premium Starvis CMOS sensor, the video output is upto 1080P@30fps, Features with Auto-focus, Nuroum V403 webcam always keep you in focus.

NUROUM V403 AI Tracking Quick, Smooth and Precise

USB plug & play For Remote Work

Using the pocket-sized remote, you can turn video on or off, pan and tilt the camera, manually zoom the image, and save preset setting changes with the touch of a button. No priority apps, drivers or software are required. Just plug in and enjoy an improved video experience. Fit for video conference, hybrid collaboration, education, university classroom, lecture, live streaming, remote medical treatment.

Versatile compatibility with most video conferencing apps

Compatible with desktop or laptop computers w/ Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android (device depends). Works well with Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch/Facebook Live/xsplit/OBS, etc. Supported resolutions at 1920x1080/ 1280x720/ 640x480. Encoding formats include JPEG, MJPG, YUY2, H.264

Works well with Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch/Facebook Live/xsplit/OBS, etc.


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Smart Tracking
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Why Our Customers Love NUROUM

  • Amazing camera that is almost perfect

    I ordered this camera just in time to zoom a church broadcast. We had been using a standard webcam, but I was unable to zoom in or track speakers as they moved around. This camera has added a level of professionalism that I could have never achieved with my other webcam. I think my favorite part is the shortcuts on the remote. They are easy to set and easy to reset. I had one button set to the choir view, one set to the speaker view, and one set to the congregation view where the camera turns all the way around to let the people at home see the congregants walking in the chapel. It couldn't be more perfect.



  • Best webcam I've ever used

    This is a bit on the pricier side of webcams, but it is high quality and is leagues ahead of other Amazon webcams. As a privacy nerd, I especially appreciate the fact that the webcam turns around 180 degrees on its own when not in use. I also love the fact that it doesn't have a microphone, though that may be a dealbreaker for some.



  • Easy To Use

    This is a great camera that is easy to setup and use. The image is crisp and clear and all of the cameras movements are smooth, not jerky. For ease of use, this is a 5 star camera.



  • Great Camera with Zoom

    Works great, the best webcam I've seen. Zoom works great and is nice to have. This camera will track, and focus on, the person speaking. That's pretty cool to watch. I know the world is full of ""smart"" things now, and you can add this conference camera to the list. It certainly knows what it's doing. Another excellent feature of this camera is that automatically rotates 180 degrees when you're done using it. No privacy risk here. As a person who spent years putting electrical tape over the camera on my laptops, you can imagine how much I appreciate this.



  • Great Camera

    The quality of this camera is impressive when compared to my MacBook webcam. The zoom option on the camera is excellent, but it's way too sharp for my liking. Overall it's a perfect camera for your live streaming and zoom meetings.



  • Lively auto tracking

    This product is from Philadelphia. The auto tracking is the impressive feature that saves this product. It flows well and naturally. This would be best used for presentations where you want to stand up and move around. Its can make your presentations more engaging and help you feel more free. So I like this product and recommend it for basic at home setups. it makes them better and helps you stand out.



  • Large, quiet and clear camera.

    Large, quiet and clear camera. Zooming the sensor also works very well. I liked the fact that it was focused as well as being fast. I like the remote control because it contains shortcuts that make it easy to use. I attached it to my solid tripod.


    Kate K.

  • Great mobility

    The thing to honor about this webcam is it’s ability to capture and follow its subject. I had never seen a webcam with this kind of structure before so I was eager to test the range of motion that it can detect. Unlike other webcams, this truly can follow a 360 degree view of whatever is going on. This makes for a perfect table top webcam for larger conferences. I tested out its ability to follow me and focus on me as I moved about a room and it is extremely sensitive, yet it doesn’t jolt around. The technology is modern and advanced as the mobility is smooth and seamless. Not only is it great for capturing the entire room at all angles, but the picture quality is great too. I have found that I am most satisfied with the picture quality when it it at its most zoomed out—when it is all the way zoomed in, it definitely gets blurry.


    Dipped in Ink

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