Nuroum webcam is perfectly fit for remote work, with HD video and ease of use.
name Dolores Hobson
This video conference camera from NUROUM works great. I appreciate that it's a true "plug and play" device. No drivers or software are required. Just plug it into an available port. The wide-angle conferencing camera lets the person on the other end of the phone line see everyone at the table, and we had no issues with my breakup or overall sound quality.
name Samuel Terry
For hybrid workplace, NUROUM microphone picks up sound very well, no need to worry about the distance issues.
name Ken Elizabeth
Our conference rooms took just a few minutes to set up this camera. Would definitely recommend this camera for video conferencing.
name Aaron Nell
I bought this video camera for work from home. For any meetings, it discards noise and captures my voice. This is a fantastic home video conferencing equipment.
name Wayne Wells
Great for zoom/hybrid work model, I originally bought this camera just for the zone mics, for more complex (two camera) zoom setups, but found the wide angle lens (yes, you get a little fish-eye distortion, but not extreme ) allows me to use the camera as well and saves me the more complicated video setup. I have hybrid zoom study groups at home a few days per week that have a good view of the entire living room (six or seven participants) and good audio, while the offsite team members are on the big TV screen. Good result!
name Merlin Barton
This NUROUM all-in-one camera is easy to connect and is the best video conferencing equipment I have seen. I'm not a techi, I was able to connect quickly and use it ten minutes later. It's easy to mute and unmute with a touch of the top, which I can adjust to suit my surrounding work environment.
name Susanna Zephaniah
Now I'm a follower of this brand, with this compact version. After one week with this little gadget, here are some pros & cons you might want to know before you buy: video pixel is 1080P, with much higher clarity and instantly wider viewpoint comparing to the default camera on my Macbook; the noise control of camera for video conferencingis impressive, as my employees working in the office and customers on the other side of zoom meetings told me; The speaker is pretty good, but I won't say it's superb. I just love how they put the USB-C cable underneath the base of the cam and how they hide the USB adaptor. The device is in white and grey, looks like a google home gadget, fits on my desk perfectly. Just as they stated, it's customized for voice.
name Will Barrett
It's a really good camera for an office space. Best bang for the money.
name Eden Alcott
This NUROUM webcam is a very friendly camera for conference room. For a creator working from home full time, I've been using this webcam for the past 5 months with no issues. Also, the product was well packaged and delivered well before the promised delivery date.
name Sandy Yonng
I bought this camera to hold video lessons and bring me immersive experience I needed.
name Wade Frances
Very practical for conference rooms. The camera has good field of view and display quality, while the audio is decent. Our technical colleagues appreciate this Nuroum PTZ conference camera very much, and we will continue to buy this brand if the company needs.
name York Albert
Surprising our employees with HD video and auto framing, it's a highly recommended video conferencing solution.
name Yetta Wood