NUROUM V11 VS Logitech C920e

NUROUM | December 5, 2023
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With the increasing demand for hybrid work and online communication, webcams have become essential tools for video conferencing and content creation. In this blog, we will compare two popular webcams: the Nuroum V11 and the Logitech C920e. Both cameras are known for their high-quality video output and user-friendly features, but they have distinct differences that make them suitable for different people.

What Can Webcams Used for?

Webcams are suitable for a variety of scenes, can provide a lot of convenience for our work and daily life, the following are some scenarios: 

  1. Remote Work

Webcams are essential for virtual meetings, video conferences, and remote team collaboration, enabling professionals to work from anywhere.

  1. Distance Learning

Webcams play a key role in online education, facilitating live interactions between educators and students for a more immersive learning experience.

  1. Personal Communication

Webcams are commonly used for video calls and chats with friends and family, allowing individuals to stay connected regardless of geographical distances.

  1. Content Creation

Webcams are employed by content creators for producing videos, live streams, and other multimedia content for social media and online platforms.

  1. Security Monitoring

Webcams are deployed for home security systems, office surveillance, and public safety monitoring to enhance security measures and capabilities.

In conclusion, webcams offer various advantages in communication, collaboration, education, entertainment, and security, and find a wide range of applications in our daily life.

Nuroum V11 VS. Logitech C920e

Logitech and Nuroum are two well-known brands in the market. These two brands have developed a variety of webcams, Nuroum V11 and Logitech C920e are two of them, what are the differences between these two webcams, let's take a look.


Nuroum V11 webcam

Logitech C920e webcam


$39 $79


NUROUM V11 conference 

webcam supports 2K@30fps

or 1080P@60fps, capturing 

details in high-resolution

colors and making videos


Logitech C920e is a work-

from-anywhere HD 1080p 

webcam that surpasses the 

video and sound quality 

provided by most laptops. 

Field of View

You can embrace your 

freedom with the expansive 

90° wide field of view

perfect for capturing larger 

and more spacious 


The fixed 78° field of view 

captures a "just-right" view

of the user and their

environment while also

providing sufficient room

to visually share projects

and other items of interest.

Auto Light 


Whether in low light or direct 

sunshine, the Nuroum V11 

conference webcam with 

wide dynamic range 

technology adjusts to 

highlight the most 

important subject: you.

With automatic light 

correction, Logitech C920e 

delivers optics that help 

you look good in all your 

video meetings.

Privacy Protection

Built-in privacy cover and 

LED indicate to show real-time 

working status of the camera 

so that your privacy is always 

under your control.

Logitech C920e features an 

attachable privacy screen 

that flips up and down to 

cover or expose the lens.

Anti-Echo Audio 


Reduce echo and ensures 

clear sound quality during 

video calls. By eliminating 

echo, it enhances the overall 

audio experience, making 

communication more 

intelligible and professional.


AI-based Keyboard 


Equipped with advanced 

AI technology, Nuroum V11 

intelligently filters out 

keyboard typing noise, 

resulting in crystal-clear

audio. This feature helps

minimize distractions during

virtual meetings, online classes,

and other communication

scenarios, ensuring a more

focused and high-quality

audio experience for all





In conclusion, the Nuroum V11 and Logitech C920e each have distinct strengths that cater to different users and usage scenarios. By understanding the specific needs and priorities of the user, one can make an informed decision based on the unique features offered by each webcam. Whether it's for professional content creation or efficient virtual communication, both webcams provide reliable performance in their respective domains.

Want to know more details about our products? Welcome to visit our website: NUROUM.

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