NUROUM Make Tools, You Facilitate Businesses

NUROUM allows you to look and sound professional from anywhere by providing easy-to-use tools for meeting with clients and colleagues.

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Tools to Have Your Home Team Online.

NUROUM spearkermic cam with budget price give you access to meet your WFH team members. Making sure your team meetings can be heard and seen with great clarity by muting the disruptive ambient noise and presents a peerless image.

Looks Like A Pro

To engage your audience during the presentation, NUROUM ensure you always look professional with its intelligent exposure control and automatic low-light correction features.

Noise Free, for Better Consulting.

NUROUM helps to professionalize your online consulting session with clients by muting your background noises with deep learning-based noise reduction technology. Hence the dog barking or baby crying at home won't diminish your professional appearance online.

Enjoy Meeting as well as Phone Call

Mobile phone or laptop, your team could join the meeting with their choice of tools. By connecting NUROUM A15 with your device, any place is turned into a quiet zone for meeting and with its optimized duplex two-way communication, everyone is heard with phenomenal clarity.