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C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)

  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
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  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
  • C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)
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C40 All-in-one 2K Conference Camera For Huddle Space(20㎡)

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  • All-in-one Video Conference System The NUROUM C40 video conference system combines a 120° ultra-wide-angle camera with a 5MP premium CMOS sensor, delivering 2K@30fps and 1080p@60fps images. Equipped with 4 AI noise-canceling microphones and a premium high-fidelity loudspeaker, it ensures high-quality video and audio clarity for online meetings, presentations, and discussions, suitable for corporate teams.
  • Built-in optimized Speaker & Noise Reduction Mics Featuring an optimized full-duplex speaker, the computer camera ensures clear communication for up to 15 offline participants within 16ft from the base. The 4-element omnidirectional microphone array, enhanced by compressed neural network technology, suppresses background noise, cancels echoes, and highlights voices, providing distortionless sound even in high-volume scenarios.
  • AI-Powered Auto Framing & 5X Zooming The C40 conference camera employs self-developed face recognition technology for precise framing of single and multiple participants. With automatic frame adjustment as more participants join, it keeps everyone in the optimal position. Additionally, the camera offers up to 5x zooming capacity, allowing users to focus on essential details with remote control.
  • Easy Setup & Enterprise-Grade Privacy Protection The USB webcam is driver-free, offering a hassle-free plug-and-play experience with a single USB cable (a power adapter is provided for increased speaker volume). The remote control and top buttons provide convenient options to turn off the camera and mute the microphones. The round light ring displays the real-time status, ensuring user privacy is always under control.
  • Diverse Compatibility & Tailored Configuration Compatible with desktop or laptop computers running Windows, macOS, Linux, or ChromeOS, the conference camera works seamlessly with popular VC platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex, Hangouts, GoToMeeting and more. The NUROUM NearSync application facilitates firmware updates and allows customization of image settings such as brightness and saturation, available for both Windows and MacOS on NUROUM's official website

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Elevate your workspace with NUROUM C40 and redefine the way you collaborate.

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  • Premium 2K CMOS Sensor
    Immerse yourself in professional video quality with the 2K lens featuring a premium 5MP CMOS sensor.
    Premium 2K CMOS Sensor Premium 2K CMOS Sensor
  • 120° Ultra Wide Angle
    120° FOV allows for a more inclusive and immersive experience ensuring all participants are visible.
    120° Ultra Wide Angle 120° Ultra Wide Angle
  • 4 MEMS Microphone Array
    4 built-in mics offer an impressive 360° coverage and an extended voice pickup radius of up to 16ft.
    4 MEMS Mics Array 4 MEMS Mics Array
  • Premium Speaker
    The Hi-Fi integrated conference speaker can clearly broadcast the voice of the remote participants.
    Premium Speaker Premium Speaker
  • Multiple Mounting Options
    You can place the webcam directly on a table or on a stand or tripod due to the 1/4'' thread.
    Multiple Mounting Options Multiple Mounting Options
  • Premium 2K CMOS Sensor
  • 120° Ultra Wide Angle
  • 4 MEMS Microphone Array
  • Premium Speaker
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • AI-Powered Auto-Framing Technology
    The video conference camera can detect the participants in its field of view and automatically adjusts to keep everyone in the best framing position.
    Auto-Framing Auto-Framing
  • Up to 5x zoom with remote control
    The zoom function helps focus on specific important details, providing flexibility during hybrid work like online meetings, presentations, or discussions.
    Up to 5X Zooming with the Remote Control Up to 5X Zooming with the Remote Control
  • Pan & Tilt after Zooming Pan & Tilt after Zooming
  • Enterprise-Grade Security Controls Enterprise-Grade Security Controls
  • Nuroum NearSync for Tailored Configuration
    In NearSync, you can effortlessly customize parameters and update the device firmware to suit your preferences. Please visit NUROUM's official website to download NearSync
    Nuroum NearSync for Tailored Configuration Nuroum NearSync for Tailored Configuration
  • Auto-Framing
  • Remote Control
  • Pan & Tilt after Zooming
  • Enterprise-Grade Security Controls
  • NearSync for Configuration

NUROUM C40 Tech Spec

  • Microphone

    Microphone type:4 MEMS 360°microphone array Sensitivity:-38dBFS 94dB SPL@1kHz S/N:63dBA 94dB SPL@1kHz, A-weighted Effective pickup distance: 5m

  • Speaker

    Rated output:4Ω/1W(USB) 4Ω/3W(Adaptor) Effective frequency range:140Hz ~20kHz Speaker volume:80±3dB (800,1000,1200,1500Hz) @1W/1m THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):≤ 3%

  • Camera

    f/2.2 aperture Sensor: 1/2.8 inches CMOS, Maximum pixels: 5MP 2.03mm fixed-focus FOV(D): 120° FOV(H): 110° FOV(V): 75°

  • Video

    Non-Distortion Lens: supported HDR Supported Auto Framing Anti-Flickering: supported Auto Exposure: supported Automatic white balance and exposure: supported 3D noise suppression: supported Max Resolution: Up to 1440P@30fps and 1080P@60fps Aspect ratio: 16:9 Support UVC protocol version 1.1/1.5 YUV: max to 480P@30fps MJPEG: max to 1440P@30fps

  • Audio

    Beamforming: Support Maximum background noise suppression: 18dB Full-duplex communication: Support Echo cancellation: Maximum echo coupling loss ≥56dB Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Support Reverbration suppression:RT60<1s

  • Physical

    Height: 270mm(10.63inches) Diameter: 110mm(4.33inches) Color: Deep blue Installation: place on a surface or tripod

  • Power and connectivity

    External power supply: USB 5V-0.9A/DC 5V-2A Compatible operating systems: Windows/Mac/Linux USB port: USB 2.0 Type-C


  • How do I activate and deactivate the auto framing function?

    You can enable or disable the AI framing function using either the touch button located on the top of the conference camera or the remote control.

  • Is it necessary to download and install NUROUM NearSync on my PC before using the C40 video conference webcam?

  • How can I disable noise cancellation? I'm a Yoga teacher and need background music for my courses.

  • Is the power adapter required for using the all-in-one conference webcam?

  • What should I do if the webcam is not recognized by my PC?

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Why Our Customers Love NUROUM

  • My work from home must have

    This device is definitely a life-saver. At my home office, my Macbook is hooked to two external displays. For ever zoom meeting, my Macbook has to be reopend to shift my windows from displays to my Mac and then I have to restore my windows again after the meeting is finished. This is a really frustrating experience. With this gadget, I could use my external displays and this gadget for zoom meetings avoidng to reopen my Macbook. This really mokes my home-working much more efficient.



  • Used for hybrid conference

    I purchased 60 of these for an academic hybrid conferencee. I was researching the Owl unit for our conference Firenze, but at a cost of $1,000 per unit, it was not feasible. I found this unit and tested for our hybrid conference. They work wonderfully for our use case. They have a great speaker range and the camera is great.



  • Great value and performance

    I Iooked at other much more expensive camera and sounds systems. This one provides all you need. It has video. It has sound speakers built in. It is very easy to use and setup.We use it for our Zoom mtgs.


    William Gemini

  • Worked perfectly to view and hear everyone in the room.

    The clarity of both the video and audio is amazing. It added to the success of our meet and I am confident it will continue to do that in the future.


    Thomas P. Mauriello

  • This was a great investment for virtual and face-to-face trainings!

    I purchased for an in-person event that had virtual attendees. It worked wonderfully! It is important to have the speakers stay within the zone' It also helps if they project their voices. If you have someone that speaks low, make sure they stand closer to the speaker so their voice be picked up.


    Divas With A Purpose Verified Profile Icon

  • Great product for the spend

    Looking for a solution that didn't break the bank. This suitmy needs well.


    Chapman Dugger

  • This camera, mics & speakers is great! Easy to setup, works great and coworkers love it!

    The camera is great! Good video picture! Voices pick up easy and speaker can be LOUD! Easy to use with any vicHeo conferences! Zoom, Blue Jeans, Teams, Google...all work great with this!


    Computer Sage

  • So amazing that I recommend my school to buy it for zoom classes

    It was what I have been looking for. Our meetings were so abating as we had to get closer to labor to speak and over all the zoom experience without this was miserable. But with this tool you can see, speak and hear.


    Earring lover

  • Solid, great operating machine

    I've actually now purchased two of these. The audio is fantastic and the video is solid. I do lots of zoom meetings and it's been a pain to hear multiple people in one room. This product completely solved the problem for us. Great piece of equipment.


    John W. Cannaday

  • It actually works

    My company has small meetings with some people onsite and others remote. I've tried an external microphone centered on the table, but the remote people still could not hear. I bought this without much hope that it would actually I work but thought I'd give it a shot. The audio works really well!! We set it up at the end of the table and those who cal1 in remotely can still hear people on the other end of the 10' table. This product has surpassed my expectations! Easy setup too.



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