NUROUM Make Tools, You Cure The World.

NUROUM makes tools for you to connect with peers, patients and family members.

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Talking to Your Patients with Clarity

NUROUM enables you to set up hybrid care meetings from anywhere. Its dual built-in noise-canceling microphones reduce the ambient noise and deliver your voice to patients with exceptional clarity.

Meet with Your Patients Even from Home

When in-person visits are not accessible, NUOURM Webcam with Speaker provides a convenient solution to help you connect with patients for urgent care or routine follow-ups.

Looks Like a Pro

Deep learning noise reduction in HP20 can effectively reduce ambient noise such as keyboard clicking, dog barking or a baby crying, making you sound professional anywhere, anytime.

ESync with Your Teams from Better

Just plug in NUROUM C20 to start your meetings promptly with colleagues from the distributed office or other locations. NUROUM not only guarantees a professional-grade audio and video experience but provides an efficient way to save time, money, and even lives.