NUROUM Make Tools, You Better the World

NUROUM provides a range of products with budget price for creators to share video, voice and content with premium quality.

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Great Video, Even on Your Own

Even you are on your own, NUROUM helps you to present your content confidently. Equipped with ProperZoom Technology, smooth&precise tracking could be easily achieved. The pocket-sized remote control allows you to turn the video on/off, pan/tilt the camera, and manually zoom the image with a simple touch of button.

Always Like a Pro

The V21 features a 1080P QHD camera with HDR technology. It presents peerless images and vivid colors. With Auto Focus, the camera is capable of capturing vivid details such as driver ID, student ID with printing quality details. The lighting will make you look like a pro even in low-light gaming cases.

Noise Free, for Your Gaming Streaming

With NUROUM business-grade HP20 USB headset, you can produce a clean, powerful, broadcast-quality sound for game streaming. Thanks to the lightweight design and leather-like cushioned ear pads, your on-head pressure is greatly reduced and long-wear comfort is guaranteed.

Clean Sound, for Your Podcasting.

The built-in 4-element microphone array of Nuroum V21 Webcam can record stereo audio within the distance up to 5m/16ft. The 120° circular-sector directional voice pickup technology filters out unwanted noises, e.g. wind noise, keyboard typing etc. The Automatic Gain Control allows your voice to be clearly picked up at a distance of 5m/16ft, which allows you to move freely.