NUROUM Make Tools for Remote Teaching

NUROUM connects educators with learners at all locations and provides them with a delightful and engaging E-learning experience.

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Hand-writing Made Easy

NUROUM V21 afL enables you to show your work, sketches or other objects on the desk during teaching. Simply mounted on a tripod, it allows you to make quick adjustments with one hand. With Auto Focus, the camera is capable of capturing vivid details on your notebook with printing quality details.

Looks Just Right.

The AI-powered NUROUM V21 webcam is equipped with HDR technology and can adjust the light automatically. Whether you are in low-light or backlit situations, students can always see you clearly.

Great Video, Even on Your Own

For hybrid teaching, Nuroum V403 helps to present your content with freedom and confidence. Equipped with ProperZoom Technology, smooth tracking could be achieved without anyone else helping, this frees you from the desk and allows the use of whiteboards for a more natural and inclusive teaching and learning experience.