Empower Remote Teaching & Learning Experience

NUROUM’s Video Conferencing, Telepresence and Headsets products enable an improved home teaching experience and real-time, virtual student collaboration.

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Realistic Video Conferencing Experience

NUROUM's webcam gives you a true face-to-face experience, making it easier to connect with students. By eliminating the need for costly equipment and setup, we help you focus on what matters most - your students and teaching.

Suitable For Student Remote Learning

Adding a webcam to a laptop ensures students can navigate, communicate and focus effectively when they are studying at home. NUROUM webcam allows students to have a clear view of teachers and classmates elsewhere, as well as give them a clear view of them—they can even move the camera around to show different assignments.

Incredible for Hybrid Teaching

Trying to teach remotely in a noisy environment? NUROUM Video Conferencing Solutions block out distractions so students can focus on you and learn! Noise-cancelling headsets block out unwanted background noise at your location so students can hear you clearly!