NUROUM Make Small Tools, You Build a Better World.

NUROUM provides tools that enhance the remote collaboration experience by bringing your team together in real-time, enabling them to fully engage and participate in every meeting.

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Great Value for Professional Conference Meeting

Being able to clearly hear and see everyone is essential for a successful meeting. NUROUM Webcam with Speaker with speaker and mic helps you clearly identify who is speaking no matter you are presenting to your clients or reporting to the board.

Contributing from Work Desk Made Easy

The ECM mic close to your mouth is directional so that it captures more speech than ambient noise. The MEMS Mic that is far from the mouth is Omni-directional and captures similar noise to speech. As a result, HP20 isolate you from the busy background noise.

WFH is not Hard

Simply plug NUROUM into your device to enjoy an outstanding clean audio and vivid video experience. NUROUM gives you the freedom to join a hybrid call without wearing a headphone, which greatly eases your on-head pressure and brings you an immersive meeting experiene and at the same time.

Looks Just Right.

Always look great with V11's intelligent exposure control and automatic low-light correction features. Inbuilt privacy cover and LED indicate to show real-time working status of the camera so that your privacy is always under your control.