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✓ Plug and play: Easy to use. Ideal for call center employees and those who rely on remote collaboration .

✓ Immersive experience: Provide excellent sound quality performance, able to restore the original details and dynamic range of music.

✓ 270° rotatable microphone: Adjust freely the direction of the microphone to their preference.

✓ All-day Comfort: Featuring pillow-soft ear cushions and an adjustable padded headband

✓ Wide compatibility: Perfectly compatible with PC/Mac/laptop and with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

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HP11D Wired headphone transmit audio signals through physical cables, providing excellent sound quality performance, and can restore the original details and dynamic range of music. When listening to music, watching movies or attending a meeting, you'll get purer, more realistic sound for an immersive experience.
HP11D USB Wired Headset
Long-Wearing Comfortable

Long-Wearing Comfortable

HP11D headphone features a lightweight design for long-lasting comfort, the pillow-soft ear cushions and an adjustable padded headband are suitable for all headshape to wear on a daily basis for employees. Whether you're on the go for extended periods of time, or for extended periods of work, study, or entertainment, there's no interruption to your music or other sounds due to a dead battery.

Customize Your Preference

Customize Your Preference

The 270-degree pivoting microphone provides greater flexibility and customization by allowing you to adjust the direction of the microphone to your preference, and position it on either the left or right side. HP11D call center headset offers 3.5mm jack, and can instantly used with your desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and more.

Enjoy the Excellent Audio Performance in Various Scenes

Whether listening to music, watching movies, playing games or talking, the HP11D wired headset is the ideal choice for your portable audio companion. They not only provide stable sound quality transmission, but also show excellent performance in various scenarios. It can meet your needs for sound quality, stability and diverse usage scenarios.

Highly Compatible and Widely Applicable

NUROUM HP11D Wired headphone uses a standard 3.5mm interface, which is compatible with almost all audio equipment. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, computer, game console or music player, as long as the device has a 3.5mm audio output jack, you can use HP11D wired headphone anytime, anywhere without additional adapters or pairing procedures. This headset is a true versatile business grade headset which is compatible with Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, webex, Google Meet and etc,...

Why Our Customers Love NUROUM

  • Good sound quality for calls and zoom meetings

    I got these for work and it is much more comfortable. And the microphone works perfectly so I didn’t have any issues with people hearing me. Overall I’m satisfied with the quality of this headset and will continue to use it for work.


    Michael Santos

  • Nice multi-connector headset works great for web meetings & for audio voice over without USB adapter

    I prefer this Nuroum design as the headset is smaller and lighter than my old headset. The Nuroum ear pieces fold and the headset tucks into a handy cloth drawbag. The boom mic has good sensitivity and the position is easily adjusted. It is a bit pricier than basic headsets, but you will find this is a high quality alternative for web meetings, voice over, or games.


    M. R. Smith

  • Comfortable headset with good sound

    This headset is very comfortable. The headband is adjustable and soft, the earpieces also are soft and adjust for long hours wear. The integrated microphone boom rotates almost 180 degrees. It provides clear sound. The in-line controls give me the ability to pause reading when need to take a note or look for extra info.In any case, it gets the job done.



  • Comfortable and well-designed

    HP11DU is relatively cheap and advertises memory foam ear cushions. It is very comfortable to wear. The earpieces pivot and also swivel. The microphone can be used on the left or the right. The cord control is easy to use, volume on the side, music and call buttons on the top.


    Franklin Veaux

  • Perfect for zoom calls in the noisy warehouse.

    I got these headphones and they are the perfect solution for Zoom meetings in our noisy warehouse. The ear pads are soft and comfortable. The loudness can be adjusted on the control pad in the wire. When I put them on, the outside loudness is muffled and I can concentrate on the zoom call much more easily.


    Jon Hill

  • Great sounding usb headset

    This little headset has fantastic and unexpected sound quality. I primarily use it for discord communication and some gaming but also quickly switching over to some phone calls and work related communications. The sound quality is great for voices and dialog.


    Daniel DelGatto

  • Great for work

    The headset is pretty comfortable. I had no issues with audio quality with this so far. There is a phone icon so this can be used for phone calls with your pc.The cord is pretty long, so I was able to stand up and walk away a few feet. So far its works great.


    Nora Luv Reviews

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