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Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized

  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
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  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
  • Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized
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Immersive All-in-One 360° Conference Camera with Noise Minimized

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  • 360-Degree Camera for Natural Conversations: Equipped with professional HD fisheye lenses, this C50 video conferencing camera provides a wide field of view, delivering clear images in group video calls. It records panoramic videos in 1080P@30FPS. Placing the camera at the front of the table ensures that all participants can be seen clearly by your conversation partners. This allows you and your remote workers to engage in a conversation that feels as natural as a face-to-face meeting.
  • 3 AI-Powered Capture Modes: The compact all in one video conferencing system offers three different modes for various conference scenarios: The "Gallery Mode" highlights up to three different participants in close-up, making it ideal for group videos. In "Manual Mode," only the content within the 115° field of view is captured without adjusting the video, making it suitable for presentations. The "Speaker-Tracking Mode" identifies the active speaker and highlights them on the screen.
  • 6 Omnidirectional Microphones & Full-Duplex Speaker The 360-degree webcam for conference rooms delivers crystal-clear audio with its 6 integrated microphones and Hi-Fi speaker. The microphones capture sound from all directions, even from a distance of up to 5 meters. The full-duplex audio system also minimizes background noise and echos, ensuring that all participants can be seen and heard clearly.
  • Easy Setup & Reliable Data Privacy Setup is extremely easy - simply plug and play using the included USB cable and power adapter. The remote control and top buttons make it easy to control the camera, volume, and AI features. If you don’t want to use the webcam temporarily for privacy reasons, you can turn off the camera and mute the microphones quickly.
  • Versatile Compatibility & Flexible Installation The C50 webcam with microphone and speaker is compatible with PC, desktop and laptop computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux. It works seamlessly with popular communication platforms like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, and others. Perfect for online conferences and webinars. Its 1/4-inch thread at the base also allows for tripod installation.

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Immersive Video Conferencing, Intelligent Conference Room Camera For Hybrid Collaboration.

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Why 78k+ Business Choose Nuroum to Transform the Workplace?

Noise Cancellation
AGC Technology
Gallery Mode
All-in-one Device
Eliminate Noise, Enhance Clarity
Crystal clear conversations
Intelligent auto-adjustments
Consistently clear sound
Comfortable listening experience
Picks up background noise
Requires manual adjustment
Inconsistent audio quality
Causes listener fatigue
Balanced volume levels
Automatic volume optimization
Smooth, spike-free audio
Inconsistent volume levels
Manual adjustments needed
Sudden audio spikes
Clear view of all participants
Automatically highlights active speakers
Organized, user-friendly video layout
Easier to follow and engage in discussions
Limited participant visibility
Hard to focus on active speakers
Disorganized video layout
Difficult to follow the discussion
Real all-in-one device
Easy and quick setup
Minimal cables and connections
Low maintenance needs
Multiple separate webcams+speakers
Complex setup processes
Numerous cables and connections
High maintenance requirements
  • 360° Immersive Video Conferencing Experience Like Face-to-Face
     Immersive Video Conferencing Experience  Immersive Video Conferencing Experience
  • Streamline Your Setup & Save on Expenses
    With its compact design and affordability, the Nuroum C50 is an excellent choice for enterprises looking to reduce costs without compromising on high-quality conference experiences.
    Streamline Your Setup & Save on Expenses Streamline Your Setup & Save on Expenses
  • 360° Camera
    Capture everything using a 360-degree camera with auto-tracking mic, and speaker, giving everyone an immersive experience.
    360° Camera 360° Camera
  • 6 Omnidirectional Microphones
    The omnidirectional microphone array with 6 elements can suppress noise, cancel echoes, and highlight human voices.
    6 Omnidirectional Microphones 6 Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Hi-Fi Full-Duplex Speaker
    The integrated speaker transmits the voices of absent participants as if they were in the same room.
    Hi-Fi Full-Duplex Speaker Hi-Fi Full-Duplex Speaker
  • Immersive Meeting Experience
  • Do-it-all
  • 360° Camera
  • 6 Omnidirectional Mics
  • Hi-Fi Full-Duplex Speaker
  • 4 Touch Buttons
    Allow you to turn the camera on and off, adjust the volume, mute the microphones, and switch between 3 capture modes.
    4 Touch Buttons 4 Touch Buttons
  • Handy Remote Control Handy Remote Control
  • Plug and Play
    Works with major communication platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, etc.
    Plug and Play Plug and Play
  • Installation Method Installation Method
  • Image Adjustments
    In the NearSync software, you can adjust a few parameters and update the firmware yourself.
    Image Adjustments Image Adjustments
  • 4 Touch Buttons
  • Remote Control
  • Plug and Play
  • Mounting Options
  • Image Adjustments
  • Huddle Room
    5m pickup distance is ideal for quick, informal small group discussions and brainstorming sessions, with simple but practical features.
    Huddle Room Huddle Room
  • Small Room
    Perfectly suited for formal meetings of small teams of 6-8 people, the C50's powerful audio and video features support efficient team communication and presentation.
    Small Room Small Room
  • Medium Room
    The C50 has advanced AGC technology that enables everyone in a medium-sized meeting room to hear the speaker and cleanly capture everyone in the meeting, ensuring an efficient and professional meeting experience.
    Medium Room Medium Room
  • Huddle Room
  • Small Room
  • Medium Room

  • Camera

    Aperture: F2.0 Sensor: 1/2.3 inches, SONY CMOS, 12MP Focusing mode: Fixed focus 1.41mm FOV(D): 235° FOV(H): 235° FOV(V): 235°

  • Video

    Anti-Flickering: supported Auto-Framing: supported Auto Exposure: supported Auto White Balance: supported 3D noise suppression: supported Max Resolution: Up to 1920*1080 Aspect ratio: 16:9 YUV: max to 480P@30fps MJPEG: max to 1080P@30fps AI Mode: Discussion Mode,Presentation Mode,Global Mode Digital Zoom: x3

  • Microphone

    Microphone type:6-unit MEMS microphone, 360° space pointing array Sensitivity:-38dBV/Pa 94dB SPL@1kHz S/N:63dBA 94dB SPL@1kHz, A-weighted THD: 0.2%@94dB SPL @1kHz Effective pickup distance: 5m(16ft)

  • Speaker

    Rated output:4Ω/3W Effective frequency range:140Hz ~20kHz Speaker volume:80±3dB (800,1000,1200,1500Hz) @1W/1m THD (Total Harmonic Distortion):≤ 3%

  • Audio

    Beamforming: Support Maximum background noise suppression: 18dB Full-duplex communication: Support Echo cancellation: Maximum echo coupling loss ≥56dB Automatic Gain Control (AGC): within a radius of 5m for clear sound pick up Reverbration suppression:RT60<1s Effective Pickup Distance: 5 meters radius(≈80㎡) AI Noise-suppression: supported

  • Physical

    Product dimensions: (Ø)108mm x (H)282mm Package dimension:145 × 138 × 345 mm Net weight: 937g Gross weight:1376g Color: Moon Rock Gray Installation: Tabletop/Tripod

  • Power and connectivity

    External power supply: DC 5V-2A Compatible operating systems: Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome USB port: USB 2.0 Type-C+ C-A Adaptor


  • How to set up NUROUM C50?

    Plug the power adapter into an outlet. Then, plug the USB into your computer, open up your video conferencing software of choice, and select the NUROUM C50 as your mic, camera, speaker. There are no drivers required to download, it just works.

  • What is the resolution of NUROUM C50's output?

  • What video conferencing softwares does the NUROUM C50 work with?

  • How to upgrade C50?

  • Does this have a Full Duplex microphone so multiple speakers can be heard clearly by all participants on the other end?

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20 Million+ Products Sold Worldwide

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Available in 140 Countries

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Pioneer in A/V Technology for 8 Years

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Why Our Customers Love NUROUM

  • Excellent 360°Camera

    The Nuroum C50's 360-degree lens is wonderful! It picks up everything in the room with incredible sharpness and vibrant colors. Honestly, it's like you're right there in the same room, even if you're miles away. If you're on the fence about it, I'd say definitely go for it. It makes your remote meetings feel super realistic and engaging – a big thumbs up from me!



  • Perfect Sound Quality

    Wow, the Nuroum C50 just knocked my socks off with its sound quality! The mic picks up voices from every corner of the room, making our remote meetings way better. And let me tell you about the AI noise cancellation – it's a lifesaver. It cuts out all that annoying background noise, so chatting with my team is smooth and easy. Highly recommend this!



  • Remote Control

    This 360° camera is fantastic! I can zoom in, zoom out, flip through different modes, and play around with a bunch of other camera settings, all from my seat. It's super handy and a massive time-saver.



  • An Elevated Audio Experience

    I am thrilled with Nuroum C50's unique Hi-Fi speaker. The sound quality is outstanding! It delivers clear sound, louder output, and enhanced focus, which has significantly elevated my listening experience during remote meetings. Don't hesitate, trust me and buy it now. It won't let you down.



  • Focus On Me

    The coolest thing about this conferencing camera is how it follows you around in real-time, making sure you're always the star of the show. I don't have to stress about scooting out of the shot or messing with the camera angle anymore. Highly recommend it. This conferencing camera helps me a lot!



  • Impressive 3X Zoom Capability

    As a frequent presenter, this feature has helped me a lot. With just a touch of the remote control, I can easily zoom in on important details, documents, or participants, ensuring that no aspect of my presentation or discussion goes unnoticed. It brings an entirely new level of clarity and engagement to my virtual meetings. It was a great shopping experience.



  • A Plug-and-Play Marvel

    Our first meeting with the Nuroum C50 was a breeze! We skipped the usual tech setup headache and jumped right into the agenda. The 360° camera caught everyone. It's like everyone's in the room, even if they're miles away. Amazing conference camera – totally recommend if you want to make your meetings smoother and more inclusive!



  • Transforming Meetings from Routine to Remarkable!

    As a project manager, the Nuroum C50 360° camera is essential for effective meetings. Its three modes - Global, Discussion, and Presentation - enhance engagement by capturing and focusing on speakers. It's a great tool for dynamic, interactive meetings. Highly recommended!



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