How To Remove Background Noise From Audio In 2023

NUROUM | April 13, 2023
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Noise reduction is a common problem that can occur in all kinds of recordings, from podcasts and music to video and film. Background noise can be distracting, annoying, and even make it difficult to hear the primary audio content.

In this guide, we'll show you what noise reduction is and why you should use a noise reduction app, and how to remove background noise on Windows and Mac.

What Is Noise Reduction?

Noise reduction is the process that involves taking a signal and eliminating unwanted noise from it. There are various audio noise reduction techniques to remove unwanted sounds.

There are a few tips that can help reduce background noise during the recording process, such as finding a quiet location to record, using a good quality microphone, and adjusting microphone placement to avoid picking up unnecessary sounds.

However, even with the best recording practices, background noise can still be present. That's where noise reduction tools come in handy.

There are several noise reduction tools available for different platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. These tools can help you clean up your recordings by removing unwanted noise and leaving behind only the clean audio.

  • For iOS devices, you can use tools like Audacity, or iZotope RX.
  • For Android devices, you can try tools like WavePad Audio Editoror Lexis Audio Editor.
  • On a Mac, you can use tools like Krispor Adobe Audition, while on Windows, tools like Audacity, it can be useful.
  • There are also online audio tools available, such as Nearify, which can help you remove background noise from your recordings.

    When using these tools, it's important to use them correctly to avoid over-editing or losing important audio content. It's also a good idea to listen to the audio before and after using noise reduction tools to make sure that the audio still sounds natural and clear.

    Why You Should Use a Noise Reduction App

    There are several reasons why you might want to use a noise reduction app:

    1. Improve audio quality: If you're recording audio in a noisy environment, a noise reduction app can help remove unwanted background noise and improve the overall quality of the recording.
    2. Enhance speech clarity: If you're recording a conversation or a lecture, a noise reduction app can help enhance the clarity of the speech by reducing background noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio.
    3. Remove unwanted sounds: A noise reduction app can also be useful for removing unwanted sounds from audio recordings, such as hiss, hum, or clicks.
    4. Save time: Using a noise reduction app can save you time in post-production, as it can reduce the need for manual editing and clean up of audio recordings.

    Overall, using a noise reduction app can help you produce higher quality audio recordings and save time in post-production.

    How To Remove Background Noise on Windows and Mac

    Whether you’re video conferencing with colleagues, chatting with friends, or recording content for public consumption, audio recording quality is always important. Here’s how to get a crisp, clear, audio recording and minimize background noise on a Windows PC.

    1. Use noise reduction software: By installing some professional noise reduction software on your computer, such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, etc., you can remove the noise that exists during recording.
    2. Adjust hardware settings: If you are using an external microphone, try adjusting the sensitivity of the microphone and the angle of the microphone to better filter out background noise. If you're using the microphone on your laptop, try recording in a quiet environment to remove distracting sounds from around you.
    3. Use virtual camera software: By using virtual camera software, such as ManyCamor SplitCam, you can remove some background noise and adjust the recording.
    4. Increase the quality of audio files: If you want to improve the quality of audio files by removing background noise, you can use tools such as Audacity to add EQ processing, compression and limiting to audio files to improve potential problems.


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