Chiming in On The Go Doesn't have to be a Mess

You don't need to miss an important call when you are on the road. NUROUM will make you sound clean even you are on-the-go.

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Quality Audio Even Dialing in from Starbucks

NUROUM provides the best headphones for work, with deep learning noise-cancellation and patented ProperClean technoloty greatly suppress unwanted background noises from coffee machine, ring bells in a busy Starbucks, isolating you from the busy environment and allowing your team or employees to hear you perfectly and professional,.

More than a Portable Speaker, also a Professional Microphone.

NUROUM turn any place into a quiet zone for you and guarantees everyone is heard with phenomenal clarity with an optimized duplex two-way communication. The speaker is tuned to highlight people's voices and enables distortionless and crisp sound even in a high volume.

Virtual Background with Quality Webcam to Block off Messy Background.

Teams need to talk to each other, see each other for better understanding, with Nuroum webcam

Looks Good even from a Hotel.

With intelligent exposure control and light corrections, there will be no details missing whether you are in bright or dark, giving you a more immersive meeting experience.