5 Ways to Fix Malfunctioning Zoom Camera for 2024

NUROUM | February 19, 2024
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Zoom is a online meeting platform typically got the popularity during the COVID-19 when people were separated from home. Since then, the working style of online work witnessed a fast expansion around the world and the demand of using high-quality cameras is huge.                                                          

The instant and virtual meeting platform including Zoom are all equipped with a webcam which is usually cheaper than a standard video camera and allows for face-to-face communication online, making it easy to illustrate things visually to the person you are talking to. This makes the webcam a very versatile device for home or office use. However, Some people choose to work online because of distance or time and a malfunctioning zoom camera will greatly reduce productivity. But don’t worry. In this blog, we will focuses on how to fix common camera problems of Zoom so as to create a more user-friendly environment between Zoom and people online.

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Why my Zoom camera stops working?

The Zoom camera not working could be due to several reasons, which could be hardware and software issues and other related factors. Let’s briefly go through them to find the causes of the webcam not working:

Sometimes, you may have a bad laptop camera or external webcam and may need to replace it. Also, a damaged camera or cable can prevent the Zoom from working properly.

One of the main reasons your webcam may not function could be missing drivers due to corrupted device drivers or an update. In addition, the software may be outdated or incompatible if you have an external webcam.

  • The camera may have restricted access by the operating system.
  • Antivirus software interfereswith connection.
  • Camera-enabled applications cause incompatibility problems.
  • Using an outdated version of Zoom.
  • The button of camera on the keypad or in the Zoom is turned off.
  • Faulty wired or wireless device connection.

Above are some of the common causes of a malfunctioning Zoom camera. By recognizing these potential factors, you can take targeted measures to solve the problems of it. Read on, you will find several solutions to address these problems.


How to fix the malfunctioning Zoom camera?

Arguably, when faced with a camera malfunction, the majority of us will subconsciously choose to restart the Zoom or clean up the background, reboot the computer, etc. However, if none of this works, then some of the suggestions below will be very useful.

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1. Check the camera switchin the Zoom

  • Go to “settings”
  • Select“video” and then grant the webcam  Try to check the box of “ Turn off my video” in Zoom before you join a meeting.


2. Install or update camera driver software

Windows will usually install the necessary camera driver when it installs the hardware, but if your webcam is not working, you may need to visit the manufacturer support website and download the driver installation package. Even if your camera driver installed initially, it’s possible that there is an updated version that will solve your problem. To update the webcam driver software:

  • go to “Device Manager”.
  • find the webcam device under the "Cameras", "Imaging devices" or "Sound, video and game controllers" branch , then right-click it.
  • select "Update device driver" from the contextual menu.


3. Uninstall your camera driver and scan for hardware changes

  • Type “Device Manager” and click on the option
  • Double-click “Imaging devices,” “Cameras,” or “Sound, video, and game controllers” to reveal the items under it.
  • Right-click on your integrated webcam device and click the “Uninstall device” option from the context menu.
  • Click the “Uninstall” button.


4. Check the anti-virus application

Antivirus software, which is designed to protect your privacy, can sometimes affect the ability of webcam to work. It doesn’t want to allow the camera to turn on to avoid unauthorized access.

If your antivirus program is blocking your webcam, in most cases all you have to do is allow access in your antivirus. This can mean whitelisting your webcam and any apps or sites that need access to it.

5. Check for Faulty Connections and Ports

If you have an external camera and none of your apps can use the webcam, it’s always worth a shot to make sure that any physical connections are secure. Simply unplug the cord and plug it back in again, making sure it’s securely attached. It’s also possible that there is a problem with the USB port itself. Try plugging the webcam into another port. 

In a common sense, we recommend you to optimize the external webcam hardware, like Nuroum V32AF 4K Webcam, which provides users with an ultra-wide camera, convenient connection, 4K image and AI-powered noise cancellation, enabling users to create a seamless connection and ultimate collaboration and to experience top-tier video communication.


By implementing these solutions and using utmost camera equipment like Nuroum V32AF 4K Webcam, you can significantly improve the Zoom camera experience during video conferences.



In conclusion, webcam is a significant equipment for video conferences.Through taking suggested solutions to the malfunctioning webcam, you can largely ensure the stability and fluency of webcam, thus improve work efficiency. What’s more, choosing a high-tier webcam product like Nuroum V32AF 4K Webcam can be a great help to enhance the camera experience while having an online meeting.

For more information, we encourage you to visit Nuroum. With our advanced technology and commitment to camera excellence, Nuroum can be a valuable resource for resolving camera not working issues and improving the overall quality of your Zoom camera conferences.


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