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The 5 Best Business Headphones with Mic for Office/WFH

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By The Nuroum Team July 4, 2024
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Are you always bothered by noise when you are working in the office? Are you always annoyed by unclear calls in meetings? Are you always in pain for unclear sound quality when working from home? A headset is a perfect companion for office or WFH. Today we've selected 5 business headphones: Nuroum OW20B, Shokz OpenComm2, Poly Voyager 5200, Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex, Logitech Zone Vibe 10. Each headphone has its features and functions for various needs and there is always one that can solve your worries. So check carefully for the key points you need.

The Quick List

Here is a list includes 5 business headsets' price, wearing method, weight and play time.

Reasons why they can improve business

Nuroum OW20B

Nuroum OW20B is a dark horse with open ear headsets  on the market. It is designed for business professionals, allowing them to have clear calls while maintaining awareness of their surroundings.

Why we pick it

It sounds great while noticing sounds outside. With a HiFi 4 DSP processor and ENC noise reduction technology, it allows workers to listen to music or take calls while maintaining awareness of their surroundings. In working offices, users can remain aware of important ambient noises such as colleague conversations or supervisor calls, ensuring they don’t miss critical information. Meanwhile, it has powerful sound and deep bass, which will not ruin your musical experience.

It has a stable Bluetooth connection and can connect two devices. With a range of up to 10 meters, workers can move freely in the office if they want to communicate with colleagues. Besides, workers can connect two devices such as computers and phones simultaneously, avoiding switching back and forth between devices and improving productivity.

It is easy to use. At the end of the boom microphone, there is a button for mute function. When working from home, you can mute the microphone conveniently while making calls or attending online meetings. Besides, its multi-button makes you switch between music and calls freely.

It has a long battery life and charges quickly. A full charge of 2 hours allows for uninterrupted calls for 12 hours or music play for 15 hours. Even if you need to work all day, you don't have to worry about the headset running out of battery. It is also a boon to those who often forget to recharge batteries.

It is light and comfortable. It only weighs 31g, which would be the equivalent of half an egg. This lightweight design takes ergonomics and comfort into account, allowing office workers to wear the headphones without burdening them. Additionally, the silicone material will enable you to sweat without feeling uncomfortable.

Improvement points

It doesn't have a hard shell carrying case in the box. Without a hard shell carrying case, it is not convenient to store headphones.

It is difficult to buy a charging cable if you lose it. To prevent leakage of electricity, the charging method adopts magnetic charging. If you lose your charging cable, you have to go to the original factory to buy it.

Shokz OpenComm2

Shokz OpenComm2 is one of the popular bone conduction headphones for mobile working on the market. Its crystal-clear calls, stable connectivity, and unrestricted mobility make it become a best seller.

Why we pick it

It sounds clear. With 7th generation bone conduction technology and PremiumPitchTM 2.0, it ensures you to pick up every word from your colleagues or leaders without distortion in the meeting. Besides, its open-ear design keeps you connected to the office.

It has crystal-clear calls. With DSP technology and cVc technology, your voice is clear while making calls or talking in meetings. Besides, its adjustable boom mic can be positioned to capture optimal voice and you can rotate away when not in use.

Its Bluetooth connectivity is reliable. With an impressive wireless range of up to 30m/98ft, you can move freely in the office and communicate with your colleagues conveniently.

It is light and portable. It weighs 35g, which is convenient to carry when you need to have a business trip. You don't really feel the weight of headphones when you wear them.

Improvement points

It has vibration. While turning up the sound, you will hear some vibration.

It is not very comfortable. Without designing with cushioning such as silicone in contact with the skin, it is uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Poly Voyager 5200

Poly Voyager 5200 is a sleek and pocket-sized headset with an old-fashioned look, which is suitable for people who always need to carry it.

Why we pick it

Its audio quality is good. Supported by HD Voice over wideband networks and devices, it ensures sound quality when you are calling others.

It has good sound isolation. With four-mic noise canceling and adaptive Digital Signal Processors, it allows you to completely insulate yourself from distractions and noise when you work from home or work in offices, improving your focus and productivity. In addition, it enables office workers to enjoy music more immersive, enhancing comfort and pleasure at work.

Its voice assistant and smart sensors release your hands. You don't need to lift a finger with a voice assistant. It can whispered alerts update you on talk time, and even announce the names of incoming callers, which is vital for workflows that need to remain efficient. Smart sensors know when the headset is on or off; calls can be easily answered by simply putting on the headset; pause music for incoming calls, or mute a call by taking the headset off.

It is convenient to carry. Sleek and pocket-sized, you can put it in your pocket and take it home without taking up any space when you are done for the day.

Improvement points

Its battery life is not very long. Compared to Nuroum OW20B, Shokz OpenComm2, only has 7 hours of play time after charging 1.6 hours, which is not friendly to those who work all day long.

It is comfortable to wear for long periods, which is easy to damage the ears. In-ear design can cause discomfort or pressure, particularly for those with smaller or more sensitive ear canals.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex features specialist audio and video technology that makes work more productive. They carry out LCAs on products, to understand their impact on the environment, endeavoring to make products more sustainable.

Why we pick it

Its call is clear. Its microphone technology can amplify your voice when you are in a noisy office environment, keeping every call crystal clear so you’re always easy to hear.

Its APP is useful. In the Jabra Sound+ app, you can choose sound mode and find the strongest noise suppression level you need. Besides, you can adjust different sound effects on the app according to your preference. Office workers can adjust audio settings based on personal preferences and work environments to enhance productivity and comfort.

It has a long battery life. With up to 20 hours of battery life, business professionals can focus more on their work or participate in meetings without the concern of battery depletion, which is crucial for long meetings, audio calls, or focused work sessions.

Improvement points

Its price is high. Compared to the other four headsets, the price of Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex is the highest, which may not be affordable for some people.

It is larger and bulkier than others. Over-ear headphones are typically larger and bulkier than in-ear headphones, which makes them less convenient to carry around or store in office, and they may not be suitable for formal office settings or situations requiring frequent interaction with clients or colleagues.

Logitech Zone Vibe 10

Logitech Zone Vibe 10 has a special design and beautiful colors, which attracts many female office workers. It is professional enough for the office and casual enough for home.

Why we pick it

It has various colors. It has three colors: rose, graphite, and white. The office crowd that pays attention to design and color will love it.

It has immersive audio. With the sonic pleasure of 1.57 in (40 mm) speakers driving full, rich audio, it brings music and meetings to life with deep bass, crisp highs, and low distortion, which helps to mask ambient noises such as keyboard typing and conversations, enabling office workers to concentrate better on their tasks. Besides, music enjoyment and auditory comfort also improve office workers' emotional and psychological well-being in office environments.

Its APP is helpful. You can adjust the sidetone, mic level, and EQ for your preferred audio experience using the Logi Tune desktop or mobile app7. You can keep your devices up to date and join meetings with just one click.

Improvement points

Its Bluetooth is not so stable. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection is unstable, which can have a slight impact on productivity during meetings.

It can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Your ears get stuffy when worn for long periods of time because it wraps around your ears.


In summary, Nuroum OW20B is one kind of open ear headphones with great sounds, stable connectivity, long battery life, and lightweight, which can meet the diverse needs of offices. Shokz OpenComm2 stands out in its noise conduction technology, which suits people who always make calls or talk in meetings. Poly Voyager 5200 is a sleek and pocket-sized headset, which is ideal for office groups who need to carry headphones frequently. Besides, in-ear headsets has a good noise reduction effect. Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex features a useful APP and long battery life, allowing office workers to adjust audio settings based on personal preferences and work environments. Logitech Zone Vibe 10 stands out in its special outlook and beautiful colors, which attracts many female office workers who pay attention to design and color. Putting it all together, we recommend the most cost-effective headphones: Nuroum OW20B, which is a great partner for business whether working from home or in the office.

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