How to use Zoom on a Chromebook (Guide to Zoom PWA)

By The NUROUM Team January 9, 2023


Zoom has become the synonym for video conferencing amid the rise of the global pandemic, with more and more people using it in the hybrid workplace or even connecting with family and friends. However, things will be slightly different if you want to use Zoom on a Chromebook if you are accustomed to using it on a Windows system.

What is Zoom PWA?

Instead of developing a native Zoom app on Chrome OS, decided to develop PWA (progressive web app). Although users need to download Zoom PWA from Google Play, it is more like a web page than software. According to the company ”PWAs can be installed on your OS to provide an app-like experience using the same technology as your web browser and Chrome OS”.

PWA delivers functionalities identical to those provided by mobile apps. However, it takes less storage and runs faster. Unfortunately, since Zoom for Chromebook runs on a web page, it does not have specific software functions, including annotating on a shared screen, arranging periodic meetings, and recording meetings. But still, PWA users could join or launch a meeting through Chromebook smoothly.

Essentially Zoom PWA is a convenient and efficient way to use Zoom on a device like Chromebook that may need access to the full Zoom app or for users who prefer a more lightweight solution.

How to use Zoom on Chromebook

The Zoom PWA requires the latest Chrome browser and OS to offer the full range of performance and feature upgrades. Users are strongly encouraged to update their system for the best possible experience. Under this condition, we could start video conferencing via Zoom PWA.

The layout of Zoom PWA is the same as that of Zoom software for other systems. Therefore, it is easy to get started!

  1. Search and Download Zoom PWA from the Google play store on your Chromebook.


  1. You could either join a meeting or log in to start one on the pop-up window, and you are up and running.


  1. When you start or join a meeting, you can choose to:
  2. Start video: Use your Chromebook camera or an external webcam for the Zoom meeting.
  3. Microphone: Mute yourself or use an internal or an external microphone for the Zoom meeting.
  4. Share your screen

Extra tips to ensure your video conferencing quality

First, ensure your Chrome OS and Zoom PWA have been updated to the most recent version so that all functions work smoothly.

To ensure that meetings run smoothly and efficiently, all participants must have the necessary equipment to ensure that they can be seen and heard by others. Investing in an external webcam and microphone can greatly enhance the video and audio quality of the meeting. It will allow everyone to focus on the discussion rather than worrying about technical issues.

Consider NUROUM C10 to meet your needs. It's a portable video conference gadget combining an HD webcam and speaker mic at a reasonable price. AI noise suppression, echo-cancellation, and optimized duplex two-way communication effectively assist users no matter where they are having Zoom meetings.

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Need a much cleaner aural experience? NUROUM HP20 headset is also a good choice if you often have video meetings in the office where the noise of the air conditioner, keyboard clicking, and constant chit-chats interrupts you. NUROUM HP20 will guarantee a quiet environment, professional sound, and a comfortable, long-wearing experience.


Chrome OS users may have to get used to the new version of Zoom but still could have an easy meeting through Zoom PWA. Although PWA will have fewer auxiliary functions than traditional software, it has unique advantages that can help improve the user experience, such as running faster and smoother video conferencing.

To ensure a smooth meeting experience and to show the best of your image and voice, consider purchasing extra web conference tools for a remote or hybrid setting. NUROUM products are ready to serve you. Excellent noise reduction function and a high-definition camera can improve the meeting experience for both users and participants, ensuring efficient meetings. You can find out more about it on the NUROUM website.